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Kara Mulder is an international flight attendant, accomplished blogger, social media strategist, travel writer, and innovative brand consultant. 


Meet Kara...

If Kara Mulder was to write her six word memoir, it would be, "She went to see the world."

For over five years, I have devoted my time to traveling and entrepreneurship, creating a travel and lifestyle blog that has since become a very successful digital brand. You can find out more about what I have written, created, and accomplished by visiting the Press Page

In 2008, I graduated with a degree in Business Marketing and immediately began looking for work in the fast-paced industry of Advertising. Ultimately, that professional path was not for me and instead, I landed an adventure as a flight attendant. I paired this career with content creation, building a large audience through an online travel and lifestyle destination. That brand, "The Flight Attendant Life," grew to over 94,000 unique visitors per month, with a loyal social media following on a variety of channels.

I create and build brands, develop and manage social media strategy,  plan and execute brand voice/image, and write engaging and catchy content to help you be seen in the crowded marketplace. If you need someone who is full of creativity, absolutely innovative and extremely passionate, hardworking and a visionary, you have come to the right place.

Curious and adventurous, my favorite day would include coffee, beach bike rides and kite boarding. I call Hermosa Beach, California home, but live a global existence. 

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