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The professional website of writer + adventuress + curious creative Kara Mulder

Kara Mulder is an international flight attendant, accomplished blogger, social media strategist, travel writer, and innovative brand consultant. 


Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Kara Mulder creates, builds and markets brands. By connecting companies or individuals to their audience through authentic storytelling and creative ideas, Kara impacts and influences. She can be the voice or the face to your brand as a brand ambassador, writer, host, or teach you how to directly connect with your customer. Whatever you need, Kara has a proven track record of helping companies find creative ways to be heard in the loud digital world. With extensive experience in social media strategy and content creation, Kara is full of creativity, absolutely innovative, extremely passionate, tirelessly hardworking, and an optimisitc visionary. 

Discover the ways that you can work with Kara 

Listed below are just a few of the avenues that Kara can help your brand succeed in a digital and global age. 

Brand Ambassador/Brand Representation

Purchase advertising space on social platforms

Website copywriting

Social media strategy

Brand strategy 

Brand consulting

SEO consulting

Professional blogging services

Travel blogging partnerships

Travel Blogger Talent Management

Travel Host

Travel Writer

Creative Collaborations

Kara also works with other travel industry professionals in collaboration to help companies market their brands better. Jointly hire Kara along with cinematographer/YouTube personality Alana Fickes, Travel Blogger @TheEveryDayJumpseater, or Travel Photographers @FlywithMeghan or Molly Choma. Simply choose what best suits your branding needs. 

Contact Kara to find out what opportunities are currently available. You can also view her professional resume here or connect with her on Linkedin.