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The Best Flight Attendant And Pilot Photographers Capturing Epic Adventures Around The Globe

Some things would be missed if someone didn't take a photo for us. I have yet to see the Northern lights, and most will never get to see the Northern Lights from an airliner some pilots have the opportunity to witness. Many do not have the chance to country hop as quickly as a flight attendant does. Photography—when combined with professions that require travel—gift an experience to see in a way that is unique, beautiful, and most often astounding. Here are some of the best (and my favorite) pilot and flight attendant photographers sharing our incredible world, from their own perspective, with you and me. 

Professional Photographers

@DannyJared— This British 787 pilot will show you the world from the perspective of the flight deck, as well as every single mouthwatering restaurant between Los Angeles and London, New York and Barcelona. A foodie, aviator, and talented photographer, Danny's photos give one the chance to travel through the eyes of an airline pilot. Favorite snapshots include images of the Northern Lights from 35,000Ft, and don't forget the good-looking food and good-looking ladies in the mix. Oh— and those intermittent images of adorable pets and his beautiful Mum. Most photos were shot with a Sony A7ii Camera. Prints soon to be available on Danny's website. Until then, fly along him by following @DannyJared on Instagram.

DannyJared Pilot Photographer Boeing 787

@MollyChoma—Professionally trained photographer and jet-setting Trolley Dolly, Molly Choma, has such a talent for capturing depth and emotion in her photos. Molly's work has been featured in the LA Times and, among other publications. She has shot a vast array of projects that span the globe; from portraits, weddings, and destination pieces, to even working with the USA National Bobsled Team. A genuine traveler and completely beautiful soul, this girl honestly has a heart-of-gold and eye for creating magical moments to share with the world. To work with Molly, please visit her website and say hello.  

  Capturing life. A little peek at Molly's work. For more amazing flight attendant portraits, lifestyle photos, and beautiful moments, please visit  Honest Photography on Instagram

Capturing life. A little peek at Molly's work. For more amazing flight attendant portraits, lifestyle photos, and beautiful moments, please visit Honest Photography on Instagram

@KarimNafatni— From rooftops to flight decks, pilot Karim Nafatni—snapping under the name Twenty.1st— has gained quite a fan based over his depictions of cityscapes and cockpit scenes. The bright, twinkling lights of Dubai, New York, Singapore and various gorgeous skylines around the world beg one to book a trip immediately. Or at the very least, purchase a print. Karim's world-class photography is available on the website, 500x Marketplace, which offers professional quality, royalty free, stock images at various prices.  

Karim Nafatni Pilot Photographer

@RonbWilson— Ron has spent years perfecting the art of beautiful photos, receiving many awards and garnering much recognition for his travel and wedding photography, among other styles. Ron's primary goal is that through the intricate details in each subject that he photographs, a story can be conveyed in a beautiful and fascinating way. Because of this, Ron was recently chosen to be part of a trip to Ghana with Photographers Without Borders. To support him, learn more about the organizations involved and Ron's story, kindly visit the website by clicking here

Between the moments of being a flight attendant, Ron has a travel blog, photography gallery, and online magazine. Currently, Ron is interested in collaborating with creative individuals in travel writing and content creation, and he is also open to editorial assignments in the genre of fashion, advertising, and travel. Visit the brilliantly creative cabin crew at and support his Photographers Without Borders project

  A few faces and features of  Ron's Instagram

A few faces and features of Ron's Instagram

@KristinThorogood— This [former] flight attendant is an epic adventuress, as depicted by her photos of sailing, sunshine, and smiles. In Kristin's world, the depiction is one of wonder, curiosity, and amazement. Her significant other and her make quite a creative team, traveling, filming, and snapping the world in their own, unique and beautiful way. I think deep down, Kristin is my inspiration that adventure and happiness is not dependent on flight attendant life. Beauty can be found through many capacities, in many places, and in many activities. Connect with this chickadee on her Facebook page for more lovely views and hues. 

  Kristin showing us her dreamy world

Kristin showing us her dreamy world

As a flight attendant and digital content creator, I have enjoyed adventuring into amateur photography over the past few years. Limited edition prints of my work have recently been selected to be featured on the online shopThe theme, "Confessions of a Flight Attendant" will bring the emotions and landscapes of a cabin crew's daily life. Each week, the photo in the series will change; a new image will be available for purchase and a new story will be told. Read this photo's story by clicking here

Please share in the comments your favorite aviation photographers. I would love to know what photos you like and about the photographers you admire.