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An Update— Storms and Being Stuck

December 15, 2015

There’s a typhoon in the Philippines. I am in the Philippines. Before I left Los Angeles, I thought, “What if there is a typhoon?” It’s absolutely calm on this island right now. If I didn’t read the news or hear people talking, I would just think it was a little bit of grey clouds and some rain, because that is really what it is. At least right now. But, I’m nervous. I’m supposed to fly from Coron to Boracay today, but I can’t check a website to see if the flight is operating— one, because it’s a charter kind of deal and they just don’t do that and two, my internet is so questionable, I simply see blank google pages most of the time. 

If I knew the geographic location and names of islands in the Philippines, I think that would help calm me down, as essentially, this could be a situation of me being in California and freaking out over a hurricane that was happening in Florida. But I don’t know. 

Being caught or stranded by a typhoon could be a great story for a writer, but I don’t really want that kind of story. Talking to the tour guide yesterday about the deadly super-typhoon that touched down in the area in 2013 was enough story for me. It sounded terrifying for a small community to be ravaged by such an act of nature. And, not only that, it took months to years for the economy to rebuild and tourists to come back. Tourism is the livelihood for many in this area. 

They also seem so unbothered by the thought of typhoons. “They never actually hit the island,” they say.

Except for when they do.


As of 1223 Tuesday in Busaunga, Coron Palawan, my flight to Caticlan, Boracay is cancelled due to the weather. It may be rescheduled till tomorrow or it will leave on Friday, but according to some, the typhoon or hurricane is supposed to be closer to Coron on Friday. Pretty much the weather cannot be controlled and there are a lot of phone calls and pilot meetings happening. The airline is a charter company. It doesn't really operate regular scheduled service