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30 Days Till 30— Daily Video Blog. Ep #13. "Coron Island: The Most Beautiful Island In The World"

Disclaimer: December 12, 2015 and Ep #12 is currently unpublished because I cried through the entire video. I may or may not publish it later. So, welcome to Ep #13, which was a much better and all-around incredibly beautiful day. 

December 13, 2015

Coron Island was named by Conde Nast Traveler as the most beautiful island in the world. It truly is beautiful. I’m the only blonde-haired, hazel-eyed American. The rest of my tour groupies are Filipino. I see once again how much I stand out, but not because they view me as different, but that I notice the differences. One difference is that Filipino people are so kind, so warm, and so polite. I feel included even in my differences. I think I can learn something from this.