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30 Days Till 30— Daily Video Blog. Ep#17/Ep#18. "Kite Surfers & Chocolate Croissants"

December 17, 2015

I made it back to Boracay. Or— more accurately— we made it back to Boracay. I am joined (thankfully) by a Swiss girl who is solo-traveling. She’s a kite surfer, and she travels solo cause she likes it better. Irina is one of those girls who I look at and think, “Geez. She is so cool.” Like, my friend Crystal, for example. Crystal is the one who told me to travel to Boracay and kite here. Crystal is a bad ass kite boarder and woman who decided to take control of her life and live in the way that she wants to. She moved to Cabarete, Dominican Republic from Canada, does freelance digital media and spends hours training on the water. I met her in September and immediately was captivated by her contagious smile. This girl exudes joy and it’s not because she hasn’t experienced pain, but she has lived through heart break and has bounced back. We all can bounce back ever single day. It’s an attitude thing. 

Crystal Veness Female Kite surfer

Like Crystal, Irina has this attitude of making the best of a situation. She jokes and laughs and smiles easily. I think the universe knew I needed to run into this girl. My attitude has been faulty and failing, not the typical positive that I generally gravitate towards. It’s ok. I’m working through it. 

Kara Mulder

December 18, 2015

It feels good to be back in Boracay. I’ve been excited to get back to kiting. I really want to get better at this sport and today, I was better. More important than better, it was just fun. You know kiting is a big deal to me when I do that before coffee. I’ve created a tradition with two of the kite surfing instructors— it started today. English tea and chocolate croissants (I of course stick to coffee). I like hanging out with these two. They make me laugh and are rarely serious. 

People keep saying I’m brave that I planned this trip alone and travel alone. I haven’t been alone that much, though. When you travel solo, it’s easy to meet people. It almost can’t be avoided. When I am alone though, the local men point it out to me. “You travel alone?” they ask. “Yes,” I reply with a nod. “Where’s your boyfriend?” they continue. I shake my head. “I don’t have one,” and then I feel it necessary to continue, “I’m here to kite surf.” For some reason, the locals do not seem to take that as any type of answer that makes sense.

Oh well. I’m finally happy to be on this island. It took a few weeks and a few more knots of wind, but I think the trip solo was worth it. 

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