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Why 'Crazy' Is A Critical Component Of Success

Redondo Beach California

Four days ago, I became committed; committed to being crazy. I don't mean that I plan on needing psychiatric treatment in the near future, but what I do intend to communicate is this: 

"If I am not crazy about it—that one guy, the business opportunity, a contributor piece for the other blog, a freelance contract, whatever...— it's not happening!" 

"If I am not crazy, it is not happening." This is my new minimalistic mantra. It's necessary. I recently have allowed too much shit to steal away my focus, too many men to take pieces of my heart, and too many opportunities that I do not have time to juggle attack my time. This has created a jaded, stressed, and un-caring attitude in my life and business. My filter has been a bucket. I'm trading it in for a cheese-cloth. 

Successful individuals live by the profound philosophy that, "Success is not so much about what you do, it's about what you don't do." They are passionately 'crazy' about what they let into their lives and business. The most successful entrepreneurs don't respond to every email, say yes to every potentially lucrative investment, or distract themselves by aspects that fall beyond a specified focus.

The highly respected and risk-taking Richard Branson finds the things that he loves, saying, "If you don't love what you do, don't do it. You must love what you do." He also has a strict criteria to which he filters through potential opportunities. When you are incredibly successful, you can't do everything. If you want to be incredibly successful, you will have to learn that you cannot do everything. 

In an article found in the Harvard Business Review, Ed Batista— an executive coach and instructor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business— said it best:  

"...Inevitably, though, this [taking on too much] results in a lack of clarity and overcommitment. We wind up disappointing people, exhausting ourselves or simply failing. To prevent this, we need to learn to say "no" gracefully but firmly, maintaining the relationship while making it clear that this is one opportunity we're choosing not to pursue." -Ed Batista

Learning to say no gracefully and yet firmly becomes easier with practice. I encourage you to begin the practice. Fix your filter and find your crazy. What makes you crazy? What makes you excited in delight? What causes you to dream bigger and do better? 

I don't want to be the kind of girl who lives for the weekend or thinks, "Well- he's the best I have right now." Nope. I want to be crazy. Crazy about business. Crazy about love. Crazy about life. 

Be crazy with me. 

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