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Destination: Digital Detox

The golden glow of sunlight bouncing off the Santa Monica mountains warmed my soul. I was going home—at least for two days. The view from my airplane window spanned from Palos Verdes to Hollywood. The high rises of downtown sparkled in the day's last rays as a British accent gently commanded over the loud speaker, "Cabin Crew, please be seated for landing." The click-click of my harness cocooning me in was robotic. I don't know how many times I had sat in a jumpseat and stared out a window like this, and yet, the scene was never old and never boring.

The wish that I had my phone so I could take a photo of the beauty nagged in my mind. It was perfect lighting and absolutely breathtaking. "A snapshot of this would do so well on Instagram,"I silently mused. "I could save it for a blog and it could be a Facebook post and..." my thoughts ran wildly ahead of the moment, stopping abruptly as the red-light reprimand from another route interrupted my digital dreams. "Why can't this just be for you? Why do you need everyone else to like this moment? Can you just like this moment for you?" 

Airplane Window

We live in a world where 'likes' are currency and the more followers that an individual has, the more powerful and profitable one can become. People are now brands and consumers are free marketers. This is our digital age and it affects our levels of happiness, relationships, self-esteem, and experiences. I, out of anyone, am SO socially connected it's almost ridiculous. And yet, I feel a need to be. I have created a business out of leveraging social media and created a brand through creating online content. Social media is a critical component of any successful company in this era, but when the "company" is a "personality," where is the fine line between business promotion and too much self-promotion? These are questions I have been asking myself recently. These are the debatable topics that I don't have the answers for. 

Oddly, what has been re-occurring for me this past week is reminders of a need to disconnect and a desire to escape. I want to detox— digitally. Something has been missing in my heart, and I don't know how to find it again when my search is continually interrupted by updates, emails, and text messages. I'm not sure if it has reached a level of unnecessary. Regardless, it can't hurt to decrease the amount of times I check Instagram, write for my blog, update Facebook and connect digitally. My online life can take a vacation this week. I want to invest in me for a minute. 

What that means, I'm not quite sure. I'm not sure how much I will disconnect or detox. Hell, I don't even know where I'm actually going in the next two hours. I just feel this is a necessity— this disappearing. I need to let go of some things that I have been holding onto. 

I hope I make this flight. I'm ready for Destination: Digital Detox. 

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