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The Sh*tty First Draft

(Part of Day 2 of the #chaseYOUchallenge)

Brene Brown Quote

Every writer begins with an SFD; the Shitty First Draft. The creative doesn’t really want to look at it, read through it, or stay with it, but this beginning is necessary. Every beginning is necessary. In our lives, we write stories. Sometimes these stories empower us to greatness. Other times, they wear on our spirit and our confidence. We all have that voice— that mean, nasty, and critical one. 

I have it. It’s not only annoying, but hurtful and even debilitating if I let it yell at it’s own volume. I was watching an interview with Brene Brown on Chase Jarvis Live a few days ago and she addressed this storyline. She said that 70 percent of those who rise the strongest recognize this story and write it down. “WHAT?!” I thought. Why do you want to remember these things? 

Here’s why— To fix what is harming us, we must own that story and put a handle on it. The shitty first story we make up tells us everything we don’t know and everything we are afraid of. Well, that’s a pretty insightful drama isn’t it? 

Ask yourself

  1. What story are you making up?
  2. What’s true?
  3. What do you really need to know more about? What are you afraid of?

See where it takes you? Let’s keep REwriting, REworking, and Redoing those shitty first drafts. Every draft is better. You are stronger, wiser, and more aware. 

I know I write better every single day I chose to apply myself.