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The Top 5 Vegan Friendly Foods For Travelers

I have a dietitian Mama that chose a Vegan lifestyle before Vegan was cool. No one even knew what that was 30 years ago. I was the weird kid that couldn't have Lunchables and would get birthday cakes with a density so sturdy, plastic forks need beware. Over the years, I've deviated at times from Veganism.  I just can't justify missing out on Gelato in Italy, and I must confess I fell for fish tacos in Cabarete and Kauai, but besides that, I choose Vegan because I feel better. Not to lose weight, not to be trendy, but simply because my body and my skin is much more thrilled sans dairy. I especially can't do dairy when I'm working flight attendant trips

I discovered this the hard way— through stomach discomfort and skin breakouts. As part of the #chaseYouchallenge to be more physically healthy, I've been upgrading my food choices to include less chocolate—for one— and more protein dense, lower sugar content, natural choices that are all vegan, and dairy free. Even some are gluten free. 

So, check out my list of items that this flight attendant always has in her carry-on bag. Comment below and let me know what type of foods you like to pack for travel.  

Vegan Friendly Travel

Love Grown Foods Simply Pure Hot Cereal: I like hot cereal, but I really dislike the sugar loaded flavored packets with too much salt and too much sweet. Love Grown Foods has the best brand of hot cereal that is vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and sodium free. You get to choose how much sweet and how much salt you need. If you are someone who travels often, take a plastic coffee cup like this one so that if you are on the airplane, you can ask a flight attendant for some hot water to mix your cereal. It's filling, is a good source of protein, and fiber. 

Vegan Friendly Travel Food

Lara Bars— Coconut Chocolate Chip: When I work red eyes, I crave something sweet. Lara Bars are the perfect solution for a treat at 35,000ft or when I need a quick bite when during boarding and don't have the time to eat. The bars are vegan, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened with dried fruits. My favorite flavors are Coconut Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough. (Gotta get the chocolate fix in somehow, right?)

Best Vegan Foods For Flight Attendants

Sun Warrior Classic Vanilla Vegan Protein: I do believe this protein has been the best discovery of recent months. There were other brands of vegan protein that I would buy, but I had a hard time actually making myself drink them because I had to wince through the terrible taste. Sun Warrior's Vanilla flavor is now a craving of mine. 80 calories per serving with about 15g of protein and many vitamins and minerals, I can honestly say my energy levels and skin has improved since I began having a shake every day. I also sometimes add half-a-scoop to my oatmeal or mix with almond milk. I'm excited because the one protein shake a day I have added into my diet and workout plan keeps cravings at bay, and I'm becoming increasingly more lean. Even non-vegans like this stuff!

Best Vegan Protein For Travel

Trader Joe's Individually Packaged Trail Mix: I keep a few of these in my purse at all times. I love how Trader Joe's has a variety of options for individually wrapped trail mixes— "Cashew, almond, chocolate," "Just Raw," as well as others. Trader Joe's is one of the best and most inexpensive markets for healthy travelers to load up for their next trip. 

Vegan Travel foods Trader Joes

Brown Rice Bowls or Quinoa— I like keeping at least one microwavable brown rice bowl or quinoa in my bag. The quinoa cooks easily in the hotel room coffee pot and the brown rice bowl can be eaten plain when nothing else is available or once at a destination, you can search out a veggie market to add some fresh ingredients for a complete meal.

The main tip I have for you if you are a traveler with dietary restrictions is plan ahead. Don't expect anyone else to bring the foods that you need to be healthy, happy, and thrive. All over the world, restaurants are catering more and more to those who are gluten free or vegan, but airplane food still has a long and hard journey before much of it is even edible. Vegan is a WHOLE different challenge altogether, so bring an emergency stash so you are not at the mercy of someone elses' poor eating habits.  

Happy Travels!

Kara Mulder

Kara Mulder Vegan Flight Attendant Blogger