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Earn Money For Your Layovers By Changing The Way People Travel

Make Money with "last-minute" hosting of travelers: Get same-day bookings and host vetted travelers that are looking for last-minute stays.

Overnight App Earn extra money

It's a known fact that pilots, flight attendants, and many other aviation professionals are paid very poorly in the beginning of their careers. Many flight attendants actually live in— or under— the mean poverty line for years. Cup o' Soup and boxed macaroni and cheese are staples. It's difficult for aviation professionals to find another job to supplement their glamorous flight attendant and pilot lives. Any additional income source must be incredibly flexible; allowing one to work when or if they choose. This is why UBER and Lyft have become so popular for airline crew to work when on days off. But, being someone's personal driver is not everyone's "cup o' soup" and luckily, it doesn't have to be thanks to a new app called Overnight

Overnight is the UBER of Airbnb— offering travelers the opportunity to book day-of stays with local, verified hosts. Think Hotels Tonight, but a home or apartment owned by a cool host; a cool host that could be you. With Overnight, you can now earn extra money when you want to; by renting out your room, apartment, or home when you are flying, or not using the space. The best part? This doesn't require extensive advance planning! Every crew member likes the idea of not having to plan in ahead and loves the option to make a little extra money for those layovers, right?

 I can always use some  money for my adventures. 

I can always use some money for my adventures. 

There are multiple benefits to becoming a host with Overnight. It will offer you an income source that is as flexible and changing as your airline schedule. You will be able to meet interesting travelers and connect with different cultures. Your rent will be supplemented by someone else. The system is safe, as both hosts and travelers have a profile that must be verified. Based on the strength and quality of your profile is how travelers will be able to find a host and vice versa. 

Currently, Overnight has launched in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin with more cities to open soon. This will happen quickly if you—and more individuals like you— decide to become hosts.

To become a host, download the app here, and click become a host: 

The developers made the process idiot proof, but if you do have a jet-lagged moment, message them through the facebook page. Overnight's goal is to make travel more accessible and more spontaneous. With your help, that can happen, and with the cash incentive to upgrade your life from boxed mac and cheese, why the hell not? 

Download the app and get $25 towards your own Overnight stay. 

Live flexibly and host without managing a calendar.